>Scam Alert: Visit England and adopting a Charming Foal

> ScamSniper Shared

2 New Rogue applications which imitate real FarmVille message have been spotted in the wild. One for Visit England and the other for adopting a Charming Foal. These rogue applications are able to reproduce post which are identical to real FarmVille post. Examples Below..
Example Visit England Scam Post – Property Of farmvillefreak.com
Example Charming Foal Scam Post – Property Of farmvillefreak.com
There is only 2 ways to tell the messages are not made by FarmVille. They are listed below:

1. When hovering your mouse over the words “Click Me” or “Adopt The Charming Foal” within these scam post, you will notice in your browsers status area that the links point to applications or pages other then FarmVille. 
All the links in REAL FarmVille messages point to the following Web Addresses:

If you see any other Web Addresses in messages appearing to be from FarmVille, DO NOT Follow the links.

2. Once you click the links in a fake FarmVille message you are taken to an application install screen or a facebook fan page and asked to grant a new application access to your profile or told to Manually Share a page/message to your wall. Please remember you are only asked to install the real “FarmVille” once. If you have already installed FarmVille and find yourself prompted to install another application to your profile after clicking what appeared to be a Real FarmVille post in your news feed, Stop! You are being asked to install a fake FarmVille application. Also note, clicking on real FarmVille game post will never transfer you to a facebook “Fan Page”.

Via farmvillefreak.com ( Full Reports @ Links Below )

FarmVille scam alert! Beware any ‘Visit England’ Facebook wall posts
Play Hard! Stay Safe! Don’t Fall Into The Free Lunch Trap!
Don’t Get Caught In The Trap. Learn how to spot fake.


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