Message from The BULLDOG Estate – Reporting links

Message from The BULLDOG Estate – Reporting links

Hey all

Can members who have me as a friend please do not post scam links to my personal wall, you will put people at risk due to the fact , people are nosey and will click the link to see what it is :O(

also with The BULLDOG Estate wall , if you post links there , the same thing will happen. The report system is there to keep people safe

click image to enlarge

 that will bring you to this page

click image to enlarge 

When you have clicked the red dot. the next page opens to our Blog Report

click image to enlarge 

You fill out all the relevant information and when you submit the report , We get an instant entry into our database here

click image to enlarge 

And as the database is only viewed by the Owner Of The BULLDOG Estate , all email addresses and contact details are deleted after the report has been investigated, we keep nothing on file at all about you , only the contents of the report.

So Please think of your other social network users, use our report feature and not the Walls for posting malicious links.

Thanks for reading

The BULLDOG Estate


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