>The BULLDOG Rant – Cheating Scumbag So Called Friends

> The BULLDOG Rant – Cheating Scumbag So Called Friends

Are you seeing your cheating friends posting the image and post below?

If you are!! Remove the cheating scum bags from your friends list, Report them to Facebook for using Bots/Third party Applications on Facebook, send a screen shot with their Facebook profile address to Zynga for them to ban them. Get rid of this cheating scum from Our social networks…

The Cheating scum are also Paying with credit cards to cheat, How Stupid are they that they share banking details with a company that cheats people. We hope they empty your cheating scumbag bank accounts

Buy Now

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We created BOTOHOLIC just for fun, to buy us some free time when playing social Flash games. When we were approached by a friend who told us he loves the bot so much, that he would’ve paid 80$ for it, we decided this tool has to be released to the public, although…

We’re charging only 9.95$ for this tool.

We have a limited number of copies we plan to sell.
Don’t wait to get it or it may be too late.

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We are very confident that you’ll love our product – you don’t risk anything! You have whole THREE days to see if you like it!

This is our Past post on this issue

For users of BotaHolics.com and Giftbox+

Every Download on this site is linked to Malware/Spyware and Viruses

And because you knew these applications are cheats , We are not telling you what damage is being done because you deserve what you clicked

Farm Bonuses


Social Bonus


Gamers Unite


Farmville Bonus Checker


Game Bonus Collector


Game Friend Finder


Evony Bonuses


Bonus Checker Classic


Game Scrubber


Speed FW Bonus






To Remove Applications you have installed http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=applications

Now we did say thisIf you have people listed on these links as using the applications you can almost be sure they are cheating, these links do not prove they are, so we suggest you ask them first, if they do not answer you, then there is your proof, Removal as friends should only happen after you have asked them first, Please Do Not Label Everyone A Cheat until you have checked

But Sod Them all, they are cheating, Remove them and if they are not cheating they can contact you, why should you do all the work, They cheat you do not

The BULLDOG Rant Is Over, Thanks for reading

Facebook Clean Up

You need to be aware that if you have installed any bad apps into your facebook profile or clicked any clickjacked or likejacked links within facebook, you may be currently spamming your wall and or your friends news feeds with the apps or links viral/scam messages. If this has occurred you must remove the messages from your wall by deleting the post and or remove the rogue app by uninstalling it from your facebook profile.

How to remove an Application from your profile:
If you have made the mistake of following thru with the install of a rogue application, Please do the following:
  1. Navigate to your Privacy settings- (Click Account, then “Privacy Settings”).
  2. Then under the heading “Applications, Games, and Websites” click “Edit Settings”.
  3. To the right of the heading “Applications You Use” Click the “Edit Settings” button.
  4. Finally find the application name in your list and click the “Little X” to the right of that name. Follow the facebook prompt to remove the app.
What to do if you’ve downloaded Software to your Computer
If you have followed one of the links on facebook to an external website or downloaded a piece of software you are unsure of and believe you may have got a virus infection, I suggest you immediately uninstall any software you may have installed, then run a virus check on your system.

Damage Control written by Mr. Black Knight (Co-admin BDE) Owner   ───► Scam Sniper ◄─── 

Tip: If you follow these 10 facebook anti-hacked commandments, you will be less vulnerable to having your facebook account hacked.

1. Never give out your facebook user name & password.
2. Keep the email address associated with your facebook account under lock and key.
3. Use strong passwords.
4. Don’t click links while on facebook or other web locations indiscriminately.
5. Don’t follow any emails to facebook.
6. Make sure you are logging onto http://www.facebook.com
7. Don’t accept every friend request sent your way.
8. Do not leave your computer on with your Facebook account open.
9. Be sure to have a fully working and Up-To-Date anti virus software on your computer.
10. Share these commandments with everyone on facebook.


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