>Photo Tagging and Banners


Applications that make a banner for your profile will be stopped from doing so, also you could be reported for spamming a person if you do it without permission. Please read the information from Facebook

Give users choice and control (re: photo tagging)
Across Facebook profiles and now Pages, a collection of recently tagged photos appears at the top. This feature is intended for users and Page admins to display recently tagged photos of themselves or of their brand to indicate recent activity. Since launch we have received numerous questions about apps letting users change the row of recently tagged photos.
A few apps are enabling a user to manipulate friends’ photo strips into a banner by tagging those friends in a set of images. Tagging multiple people in photos that do not depict them is often seen as spam by users. Spamming users is prohibited by our Facebook Platform Principles and subject to enforcement. For more information, please see our Examples and Explanations

Don’t spam – encourage authentic communications.
Apps should never automatically tag a user or their friends in a photo. You can tag a photo only with the express consent of the user on whose behalf you are doing the tagging, and you must only tag images when the tag accurately labels what is depicted in the image. Tagging must also not be used in collages, with avatars, or for marketing or promotional purposes.

Tagging should also never be used to add a photo banner to a friend’s Profile. Manipulating a friend’s Profile with a banner is spammy and surprises that user.

FPP P2 Photos_1FPP P2 Photos_2


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