>Don’t be a scammers tool. Spamming your friends is not cool.

> From ScamSniper at http://www.facebook.com/scamsniper

It’s simple, If you make the mistake of believing any of the messages you see below and follow through by clicking any of the links within these messages, you will be redirected through an elaborate ruse.  This ruse filled with rogue application drop pages, request for permission screens, make pretend content and fake human verification processes, has been designed by a scam artist to screw you over. If you participate in the scammers games, you will be use as a tool to spam your facebook friends and led down a dark tunnel which ends in the scam artist making off with a quick buck for your lack of knowledge and apparent naivety.
The messages you see below may appear in your News Feed. They may look as if they have been directly posted by one of your facebook friends, but the truth is the friend is more than likely unaware this type off message has been posted and is currently being viewed by their friends. Unfortunately they have chosen to fall blindly into the scammers ruse and have unwittingly become the scammers new spam tool.
Don’t be a fool. 
All messages or post claiming the following things are scams and classified as facebook spam.
  1. Messages claiming to show your profile stalkers.
  2. Messages claiming to show your profile creepers
  3. Messages claiming to show your profile peekers.
  4. Messages claiming to show your profile spies.
  5. Messages claiming to show your total profile views.
  6. Messages claiming to show you the total time you spent on facebook.
  7. Messages claiming to show how addicted to facebook you are..
  8. Messages claiming to show who deleted or blocked you.
  9. Messages claiming facebook is closing.
  10. Messages claiming that Mark Zuckerberg announced account deletion due to non-verification..
  11. Messages claiming facebook is overpopulated.
  12. Messages claiming you need to activate, re-activate or confirm your facebook account.
  13. Messages claiming to show how you will look in 20 years.
  14. Messages claiming to give you free game currency or facebook credits.
  15. Messages claiming to give you a paid for game item for free.
  16. Messages claiming to give you free makeup, airline tickets, iPhones, iPods or iPads.
  17. Messages claiming to give you any expensive item for free or for being a tester.
  18. Messages claiming to show you a shocking video, photo or facebook status..
  19. Messages with the term OMG!! right up front. 
  20. Messages with any of the aforementioned subjects, accompanied by a link.
Be Wise: Take a “Dontclickitol” and think before you click

Below are some current samples of the spam/scam post made to facebook today. You may see these pop up in your news feed. Remember, Don’t Fall For The Ruse. 😉


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