>The BULLDOG Rant – Farmville Users

> The BULLDOG Rant

For months now we have witnessed farmville players moaning and groaning about cheat applications that steal their gifts from the facebook feeds, they wanted Zynga to stop the cheaters.

Zynga posted this post on their forums .
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Producers Letter RE: Collecting Limit!

FarmVille is, at its heart, a social game – a game that is fun because you can play it with your friends and family. We’ve heard from all of you that one of the most fun parts of the game is the ability to share cool items and rewards with your neighbors. Sharing that rare foal from your stable with friends, or sharing holiday gifts with your neighbors – these are the things that really show how important the social side of farming is to everyone.

We also know how exciting it is to see that someone you know has posted an animal or decoration you want for your farm, and how it can be a letdown if you don’t get that item. Especially if you never seem to get the items you want because they are gone in seconds.

Over the past year, a number of computer programs have been written that will automatically claim everything posted to the feeds. The result is that, while one person can get a massive number of rewards, everyone else is left out with almost no chance to get anything. We receive regular feedback from players who feel as if it’s not even worth trying to collect items and animals from their feed any more. Not only is this a bad experience for our players, but the use of these programs is a violation of the FarmVille Terms of Service.

To improve this experience for our players, we are implementing two changes today:

  1. Each player will have a maximum number of items that they can collect from a feed in a single day.
  2. Any player seen collecting a high number of feed items per second will also be subject to a throttle that will limit the speed they can collect items for the remainder of the day.

The vast majority of players will never hit either of these thresholds. Players who use programs to automate feed collection will quickly find that they are either dramatically slowed down or are stopped at their limit, and they will be unable to grab everything that is posted for the rest of that day.

Currently, our daily maximum is set to 125 feed items collected per day. This limit was selected after looking at feed item collection behavior in our game, and is meant to limit only the most extreme feed collectors – most of whom are using these automated programs. As mentioned, the vast majority of our players will never hit this limit. This limit will reset daily at 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Wall to wall posts between two neighbors, barn raising help requests, and fuel posts do not count toward the 125 items limit.

Our goal is to make sure that both of these limits are restrictive enough to prevent automation software from creating bad experiences, but also high enough that most people playing the game are unaffected. We will be monitoring the results as we roll this out in the coming days, and may tune the limits over time. We invite and encourage you to provide your feedback in the FarmVille forums.

We would like to thank all our players for the time they spend playing our game with their friends and family, and we look forward to working with you to continually improve the experience.

If you have any feedback you would like to share with the FarmVille Team regarding the new collection limit, please post in the following thread:


Now we see people posting a boycott because of the measures imposed  

The BULLDOG Would like to know this, are the people who are wanting a boycott the cheaters who Zynga have stopped or is it people who moan for any old reason?.

One thing is for sure, drastic measures like limiting the collected items is only a short term fix, and will give zynga time to find a full time solution.
Feel Free to stop playing the game or buying FV credit, but in the end Zynga will continue to operate, the main goal for any user of their products should be to support the Developers in stopping the Scum Cheaters and Scum creators of the cheats.

The Rant is Over :O)


12 Responses to >The BULLDOG Rant – Farmville Users

  1. carla theis says:

    >I don't agree with the 125 but I do understand!! I am a Fast Clicker and do not want to get banned or cut off because that is the only way you can get Some of the Post's!! I just Wish there was a Happy Median!!

  2. Karyn says:

    >I think it's probably a combination of the people who will moan about anything and the people who experienced a bug involved with the new limit, where they were given that message despite having gone nowhere near the limit and weren't clicking too quickly.

  3. >agreed Carla

  4. >Maybe You are right Karyn

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Zynga should spend more time monitoring their comment pages where these scammers advertize their links for "The Farm Helper" Bot, and others, and block them.

  6. Lori says:

    >I am an honest player with honest neighbors. I have worked hard with my neighbors to get to where I am today on my farm. I do not agree with the limit posed by Zynga. Why do they not go after the cheat sites/bot programs directly to get rid of them? Their links are all over FB and you can see a list of neighbors using them (for a few of the main ones). My neighbors and I use these links frequently to monitor to see if anyone that we know are on them. If they are listed, we will send them notification as a chance to remove-if they don't, we delete. We are fair players and should not be penalized for being honest. I enjoy the games, but this restriction has added a new element that is truly not appreciated by fair, honest players.

  7. Denise says:

    >Why should I have my game messed with cause I am fast clicker…that is just BS…Go after the cheaters…Zynga rules state that the use of 3rd party apps is against the rules, why have the rules if the people making them can't/won't enforce them…leave the honest players alone…I plan to never buy Farmcash again..unless the limit is lifted

  8. Denise says:

    >The people planning the boycott are the non-cheaters

  9. >Thanks Lori for your post

  10. Jodi says:

    >With this change, the cheaters are still cheating, but just to the tune of 125 items instead of unlimited (except by their number of friends). With this change, I am still not cheating, to the tune of 125 items instead of unlimited (except by the number of friends). I don't see what this limit has done but tick 1000's of people off and still let the cheaters click a button and walk away. They are still cheaters.

  11. >Denise, i am with you on the fact that the honest players suffer, but out of all the people i have seen post the Boycott posting, maybe 1 to 2 of them have never cheated, all the rest have and are still cheating, i hope Zynga finds a better way, but with all the cheats out there, i dont think it will be for a while yet………

  12. >Jodi, That is the exact point, the cheats still work, but the speed and the amount has been limited, and that will make having a cheat/bot worthless. all they will do now while accessing these cheats is share their detail to scum cheaters, who will do what they want with the list of people who tried to cheat

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