>Submitting a Review or a Blog Topic

> Submit your own Blogs/comments/Game reviews for The BULLDOG Estate

If you have a game or a topic you want placing on our blog, you are welcome to submit you posts to me at mrbulldognk@yahoo.com 
Please use subject : Blog@The BULLDOG Estate.

If you want your Game review to look and sound like this

Please add all Photos and a Text write up and we will produce for you.

Remember Our Reviews and not posted links from other peoples pages , we actually play the games. 
For Scams/hack/bots and cheats use our report feature Submit a Report
For a blog report you need to create your own posts and send Photo/screen shots to accompany the Texted.
Anything you post to us will be credited to you, but will only be censored if it breaches our rules or the Social Networks they are about.
So Lets promote your blogs and comments, submit one today.

The BULLDOG Estate

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