Scam Fighter Or Cheat Promoter? Or Sexual Predator Or Stalker?


This Post is about The reasons we left Scam Fighter United  also known as S.F.U

The BULLDOG Estate kept in private the reasons why we left but have been forced to answer a few things about why we left due to the actions of their Admin Eckard P and his constant lies and cover ups that are bringing bad light to us

but the one main thing we will bring up is the constant promotion by Eckard P for cheat applications that do normal fair playing people out of enjoyment and exposed them to hack/cheats and bots.

Evidence  Click to enlarge

FGS is a known Cheat extension used in The Browser “Chrome”

Evidence  Click to enlarge

And you are an Avid supporter of Game Cheat site “Gamers Unite”
You claim to support Facebook game players here on these pages

Yet You have been removed from pages before and you and banned from some still because of your actions

Eckard  REMOVED from HEFVS & HEMWS Page admins

by Eckard  on Monday, 26 July 2010 at 11:28

Taken from one of your own “Notes” here!/note.php?note_id=417628262309

I understand you are re-instated as admins on the HEFVS & HEMWS but on a very tight leash

Even after we removed ourselves from your network and tagged our statement on your pages


SFU Network

We are no longer associated with SCAM FIGHTERS UNITED or SCAM Fighters United Pages and any reference they make to The BULLDOG Estate is without Permission or Knowledge……..
After we banned you, Removed you as Admin , you still returned well over 30 times clicking “Like” on our page and acting like the stalker/scammers we warn about

The BULLDOG Estate

The BULLDOG Estate  Eckard  i have removed you now from our page over 20 times, a ban is permanent, your SFU Network and you are becoming a joke, continue in this practice and i will place a formal complaint with Facebook and Facebook Security

Monday at 16:44 · View post

Then you started Making un-authorised statements about what The BULLDOG Estate Was doing.

  • SFU Network ‎’The Bulldog Estate Game Showcase’ has been closed down by its creator, Tony Mazan. He will now concentrate his efforts on his main site and his blog.

    28 December 2010 at 20:35

  • Tony Mazan And the reason i closed it down after you posted this was that No one and i mean no one posted one bit of information, even after you added two new admins, as i have told you, i will not be a part of a dead stick, so with that being said and with you going public instead of just deleting this post, i will now ask that you with immediate effect remove my group from supporting the SFU as with this groups inactivity its a dead stick in my eyes. thanks

    28 December 2010 at 20:42 ·
  • MBK
    And I will have to second Tony’s Request. Eckard, currently I have no idea were the SFU is going. Please remove  <Page Name removed> from references with in the SFU.

    28 December 2010 at 21:05 ·
  • SFU Network

    Each member of SFU Network has always been free to join, leave or rejoin this network at their own decision and free will. It has basically been designed as a group of scam fighting initiatives cooperating in their daily activities and sharing mutual support and information, surrounded by some other sites providing content for people generally interested in actively shaping Facebook and the internet as a pleasant experience.

    Each member of SFU Network decides on their own what they contribute to the Network, and which part of our infrastructure will be most appropriate to them. It is up to all (!) member sites to decide upon the Network’s general purpose and details of its operations, discussing new ideas with partner sites and providing input in technical terms. Since its creation, SFU Network may not have been perfect at all this, but there has been significant success bringing a lot of people to each others’ Pages and Groups who were not mutually aware of them previously.

    Generally speaking, SFU Network shares information about malicious links and sites to AVOID (e.g. scam alerts & listings, spam, hoaxes) on the one side, while positively RECOMMENDING useful links on the other (i.e. Favorite Pages, Trusted Partner Sites, game reviews and tips…). In this context, the BDE ‘Game Showcase’ would have had a reasonable chance to become an attractive part of our ‘portfolio’, provided that there’d been some more patience in redesigning one of our smaller Pages.

    My recent personal effort consisted of spreading our word to a dozen of related sites and inviting several hundred of my FB friends to BDE. I then noticed an increase of about 20 fans for the ‘Showcase’ before the Page was suddenly shut down without further communication. People were asking what was going on, and my colleague Mendiaren yesterday found himself unable to reach the Page when trying to add new content. (He has no blogging experience, so he’d prefer to concentrate on Facebook.) Personally, I can only regret what has happened without it being discussed with new co-admins at all. SFU Network has NOT been designed to promote a Facebook Page as its own initiative that suddenly vanishes into data nirvana shortly afterwards. (EP)

    29 December 2010 at 20:51 ·


    Just to ADD this ……”our ‘portfolio’,” “being discussed with new co-admins at all” Ok i offered you a spot as co-admin of my page, I still own it and decide what it does and does not do, Their is no frigging “Our” In anything to do with The BDE only “Our” Members.

    and discussions WTF are you saying here i have to ask permission from an Admin who Did nothing (You) and two admins you added and you can guess that outcome , Your right “Did Nothing”.

    Eckard you are trying to gain success by joining pages under on umbrella, and going after closed or un-used pages with no admins on it, your re-posting links for wikileaks , they are doing well on their own, you say you was busy with the postal service and you was busy, i have a brother who a double heart attack at 39 years old amd yet i still managed to continue posting and relying on My Members to email the scams, i was in constant contact with Joshua and i do not expect him to back me up in any way shape or form.

    as i stated in that mail i sent i will not be part of a dead stick, and now it seems i aligned with a site you named SFU, i think it now stands for Shut fecking Up.

    Dont and i mean dont make me angry Eckard, bigger and better people have come to sticky ends trying it, do what i have asked and do not include The BULLDOG Estate in you power hungry games, and to all the people reading this, this could have been done in private, but this seems to be eckards way of trying to look the better man and publishing all public that was being dealt with in private, so he looks like the victim, as you will read from a few group pages he has been banned from replying too because of his ways.

    to all i have upset with my words, i am sorry for that

    29 December 2010 at 21:49 ·
  • MBK

    Eckard, How come when people try to speak with you about certain issues, you don’t answer them back within a “Somewhat Timely” manner or “At All”, But then when they react in an a way which removes you for you lack of response, you write these big comments stating you had no idea what was going on. Tony told you that page was to be close, you jump in stating you wanted a chance to keep the page running. He gave you that chance, stating how he wanted the matter to be handled. You brought in other admins, and then the page sat for 7 days while you did other things. From what I understand you stopped communicating with him again, As you’ve done before. Since the page was created by him and he felt you were failing to keep your end of the bargain, I feel he was well within his rights to remove the page.

    As for the rest of this stuff, you should realized, I am not the man for drama. It is disturbing me from what I do. I joined in your network because I though it would help expand our cause in total. But what I have seen in recent weeks makes me believe your network is not organized and may end up confusing people in a web of facebook pages broadcasting each other but lacking the content . Some of which seem to be losing updates, maintenance and have become a play ground for add me spammers. I will not send my fans into that and I will not have it spread to my page or any other page I am a Co-admin of. My page has only one function and no hidden agenda. Any other page I connect with should be about the same. They can have more information then mine or can have less, but they have to be clean easy on the fans and updated with relative information. Not just a constant stream of links leading people everywhere. You maybe able to understand some of the info, I maybe able to understand it, but many of the fans will not and it will confuse them on the function of the page.

    Starting very soon I will be weeding any dead or spammy pages from my pages favorites. I will not recommend any page that I have not connected with the owner of that page in some way and I will not allow any page to advertise themselves as partnering with me or on my page. I have only 2 pages currently that I consider my partners. Tony’s BDE and the <Page Name removed>. There are a few other pages who have recommend my page and they too are recommend by me to my fans.

    That ends it for me.. Please do as I ask, and remove references to My Page <Page Name removed> and Me.. Thank you..

    And Yet for one week after this you continued to ignore our Requests to stop linking us with your pages and you continued trying to take credit for our work

We are now seeing Comments and statements on other peoples pages about you and how you are doing the exact same thing to them, We will Not publish other peoples issues, but we have it all documented in files ready to send to Facebook and Facebook Security, Also your online private practices could be deemed as detriment to the safety of Online Females and your obsessive reactions to Females who spurn you or show friendship towards you. and when you do not get your way or you are against the wall you post private messages you had with people in Notes Evidence off your notes;

You are Making statements like this :


LOL, you may now add yourself back to my Pages. ‘The Bulldog Estate’ has pulled out of SCAM FIGHTERS UNITED NETWORK a few days ago and blocks me from their site (together with Removed). You may read about this here –> (check comments!). We may discuss this in more detail via PM tomorrow if you like (I’m now off for work). Tony Mazan has always been fighting those he believes are ‘cheaters’, he removed my comments from his Page (linking to our research) even while I was a co-admin there for a short time… People’s behavior sometimes turns very weird!

The best you did for The BULLDOG Estate was to make short links to everything , That people dont like because they do not see where they go, (another Scammer Trick) and every post we made was copied  to your page, The only things We moved from our pages was links or tags to groups with scantily clad women and non scam/hack/bot or virus related posts you tagged us in such as Palestine posts and Wikileaks. We support Wikileaks but they have there own site and are quite capable of posting their own links. Our Members join or page for simple “No Bullshit” posts about current scams/Viruses/hacks/bots and cheats, we also provide game help and computer help.

Now you Mention “Tony Mazan” Our Owner of The BULLDOG Estate, This is a statement made by him about the removal of links.

I have only every removed posts/links and posts from our pages that have been posted from scammers and people using foul languages, While Eckard was a co-Admin i had several complaints of his rude comments, posts being deleted from replies to threads and people saying he was not keeping in the context of The BULLDOG Estate “Mission Statement” by posting subjects some members deemed inappropriate.
i also had complaints from some of my members of family asking “Why” Eckard P was adding them as a friends, did not seem to strange at the time but now looking back it was all the female members.

Also in my time as a Scam fighter i have never joined a scam site or used in a way that my friends or members can be exposed, every scam or cheat i have investigated i have seen that Eckard is a user of that site/application. That puts you guys and his friends at risk, The question i ask myself is, How Many Cheats/bots or hacks is Eckard using for his own games/goals??

Eckard left The BDE before i could ban him, and he removed his recent posts, but he is that stupid, i had one in spam which he could not see and i removed the post and banned the poster, so his little ploy of not getting banned had failed

i was truly horrified when posts like this started turning up on my wall or in my Inbox

ECKARD P – stop re-joining this page or we’ll report you and your fake profiles to our FB contact. Your activity is a horrifying collage of everything we warn people of. You demand to know why someone unfriends you and post their details on your public wall without their knowledge/ consent – just one part of your obsessive stalkerish behaviour which this page is against. Perhaps they just got creeped out too. Stop.

to which i replied

The BULLDOG Estate has had this same issue with him today and since we banned him on the 29th of December 2010 , we are now putting together a dossier to send to Facebook and all our members about this issue. We have issued our last warning to him

 i am shocked that i ever allowed this person to represent The BULLDOG Estate as a Co-Admin or be a part of The SFU

And now you start a “Game ShowCase” a Spin Off From Our own site, Thats not a problem but you have to make a statement directed at us?

 Eckard a tip for you and all your pages “Do one thing well, not 20 things poorly.

If you are going to copy our Concept of a game show case, Do the work yourself, dont post other peoples links and share their work and class it as work done by you for the 4 members you have.

here is our reviews “Because we dont just post links, We actually play the games”

And Now you Befriend Our Page Owners Mother Who Posted This statement to you and we have also posted the replies also from Her Friends and Family

Val Mazan

‎Eckard Pfeifer Please stop posting to your wall scantily clad women and other sexually themed posts, i am 68 years old and do not want to see this filth on my wall, if you do not stop i will report you and remove you from friends
Yesterday at 12:50 · Like · Comment · View feedback (14)Hide feedback (14)

 Joanne White, Michele Walker Djeric and Dawnliza Lafreniere Bq like this.

Tony Mazan 

Why the hell do you you have this idiot in your friends list Mother, Report him and block him
Yesterday at 13:04 · LikeUnlike
Michele Walker Djeric 

Block him Val, this is not acceptable to anyone, report him as well, because i think it breaches FB rules, its disgraceful.
Yesterday at 13:28 · LikeUnlike ·

Val Mazan 

you know me i give everyone a chance at being friends but there are limits and he has reached his now he as been told and if it continues i will do as i said.
Yesterday at 13:30 · Like

Tony Mazan

he is part of Scam fighter united or SFU, and should know better, the joke is has warned this guy about his actions and i have removed my group and so have a few others from being associated with The SFU and …anything they do due to his ways, And now he has my mothers heckles up, how the hell you allowed him as a friend i will never know mother, if he ignores you visit the SFU here and their partner sites and warn him there that you will not tolerate the filth he posted to your wall, again block him and if you have too report him, The BULLDOG Estate has a Dossier of all his actions ready to “Blog” if he continues his actions

Yesterday at 13:46 · Like · 2 people

Magaly Castro 

Tony kick his butt!!! zing him boy!!
23 hours ago · Like · 1 person

Tony Mazan

i posted this to his SFU pages but it got deleted

“One last warning to you Eckard, i have and will publish a 5 page document to my blog on all evidence of the way you practice, The people you have upset, the multiple accounts you have, the threatening emails you send to women who spurn you,… the stalking behaviour you show, The Cheat Sites you support, The cheats/hacks and bots you use while playing your games. The list is endless, Do Not refer to me is anyway shape or form, you use my name in any post and i get to hear of it and see the proof myself i will “Publish” the Blog which will also be sent to facebook and facebook security. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED”

i will publish it if he continues in his actions

23 hours ago · Like · 2 people
Joanne White 

He looks like a filthy sleeze I would be removing him and reporting him ,Tony blow the bastard apart send all you have to facebook its this sort of scum we try to keep of here
18 hours ago · Like · 1 person

Tony Mazan 

he is on his last warning, failure to respond to my mother wishes and he will be bitch slapped so hard he wont know what hole to shit from

17 hours ago · Like · 1 person

Joanne White 

way to go Tony

16 hours ago · Like

Michele Walker Djeric 

I find it disturbing that he has pictures of Asian women scantily clad on his page, does he have no respect for women. Just delete him, you don’t need to be subjected to his filth Val. I had a friend who was writing inappropriate things on my wall, I asked her repeatedly to stop, in the end I had to block her sorry ass, a 30 year friendship lost, simply because she wouldn’t respect my feelings.
13 hours ago · Like

We also was sent a Message from a well placed source on Facebook

Sent to me Directly “Name Removed” on Tuesday
You have probably seen by now the status update at “Site Removed” written as an open letter to one of the admins of Scam Fighters United whose full name I know t.o be Eckard P. I have heard of that guy’s weird behaviour before in a completely different FB context some months ago. He was a friend of a friend of mine, and was bombarding her with dozens and dozens of posts every day. I am glad I did unlike his SFU site after your above messages; clearly the man is a nut. For the record this is what they said:
ECKARD P – stop re-joining this page or we’ll report you and your fake profiles to our FB contact. Your activity is a horrifying collage of everything we warn people of. You demand to know why someone unfriends you and post their details on your public wall without their knowledge/ consent – just one part of your obsessive stalkerish behaviour which this page is against. Perhaps they just got creeped out too. Stop

Now We at The BULLDOG Estate are going to class Scam Fighter United Page as a Scammer and Cheat Advocate and any page That Eckard is Admin or Co-Admin of we will Treat The same.
And we advise anyone who is constant contact with Eckard to never except any file he sends because of the shear amount of scam pages he has exposed his account too, and also the Game players he is a Neighbour of, remove him as a friend because of the Cheats he supports and Advocates and we are 100% sure he uses daily. and if you continue in your ways we will publish all your fake online profiles on linkdin/myspace/yahoo/msn/facebook where you pretend to be either Female/Male/lesbian/ russian/entrepreneur/Trucking company owner and so on. Remember you are a Postman in a German museum and we will not hesitate to send this Blog post to your employers and local police. 

This a a BULLDOG Rant and We are Proud to serve for your Safety


2 Responses to Scam Fighter Or Cheat Promoter? Or Sexual Predator Or Stalker?

  1. carla theis says:

    Go Get Him Tony!!! I Am Blocking Him From My Facebook Period!!! Thank you For the Info and No Your Word's Were NOT Offensive!!!:) Thank you Again For All of The Information That You Share With Us!!! Carla Theis

  2. Thanks Carla,if we keep one scumbag like this one off facebook we have succeeded 🙂

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