2 Responses to >AN 11-year-old girl was chatting with a friend online when a man interrupted and asked her for sex.

  1. Anonymous says:

    >As much as parents need to be aware and Monitor their Children's activities online… I honestly believe THIS is a BULLSHIT POST…WHY?? Most Predators/ Perverts are Cunning and smart, thats how they lure and seduce their online victims…This Profile is so OBVIOUS as to its sexual content that only an IDIOT or someone trying to MAKE IT LOOK like a pervert would create it…I"M CALLING BULLSHIT on this…Sexual predators are NOT stupid and are VERY dangerous of that I have no disputes. When they are caught and tripped up ONLINE I agree 100% they should be punished and made public to keep children safe…My question is this…was this profile traced/ tracked to a real person who in now being investigated?? OR…was this a FAKE profile created to stir up controversy???

  2. >You Know i have to agree with you on all your points.it looks like a smear campaign against facebook to make them look bad, but is this world that bad that a news company has made up news, or the profile was made just to bring attention to facebook? unless they actually capture and prosecute this person i guess we will never know.but even a story fake or not it highlights the dangers of letting children at the age of 11 and lower loose on social networking sitesCheers for your comments

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