Scam Message Alert: Member Submitted

This is a spamming Chain message

“YA ESTAMOS AVISADOS POR HOTMAIL LO PASARON EL LA TELE POR LAS DUDAS!!Hola a todos parece que todas las advertencias eran reales. El uso del facebook costará dinero a partir del verano 2011. Si enviás este mail a 18 diferentes contactos de tu lista, tu ícono será azul y será gratis para ti. Si no me crees ve amañana a l…as 6 de la tarde se cerrara el face para arreglarlo, puede ser que se borren algunas cuentes,porque el numero de integrantes es debastador pasalo a 18 personas sino tu cuente podra ser borrada……­”

Translation: Using Google translate

WE ARE ALREADY WARNED BY HOTMAIL THEY IT SPENT THE TV FOR THE DOUBTS!! Hello everyone it seems that all the warnings were real. The use of the facebook will cost money from the summer 2011. If enviás this mail to 18 different contacts of your list, your icon will be blue and will be free for you. If you do not believe me go amañana to l … expert 6 of the evening will close the face to arrange it, it can be that someone of them resign count, because the number of members is debastador spend it to 18 persons but you tell that it will be able to be erased ……

Facebook has no plans on charging for personal accounts ……..Facebook

Member Submitted Post : Magaly Castro


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