CityZen By MetaMoki – Our Review Of Updates

MetaMoki Updated

The Bulldog Estate Game Showcase 

CityZen Has Recently updated their game and i am well impressed with MetaMoki for listening to all its fans and kept this game true to SimCity and they have not tried to make a quick profit from facebook users by adding all premium items for real money,

As in life you want the good stuff you have to pay, here it is not the case all items are good, its whether  you want bigger or the biggest, either way MetaMoki team is the small USA developer team to watch on facebook at the moment. if i was to give a phase it would be 

“CityVille is ShittyVille” CityZen is for The Citizen’s”

Building the city of your dreams comes with a challenge: Keep your Zens happy, they’re a demanding bunch!
Screen shot from Facebook Before update
Click to enlarge image
After Update

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