Daily Digest: Thursday 9th Dec. 2010

The Kennel Club 
Here is the updated list of scams posted the last few days Click Here Please

With The problems with facebook issues today, The digest is small in size, here is a few comments from our wall for you to view now 

The BULLDOG Estate Due to The Current Problems with Facebook Pages, I am Closing “The Wall” Please use Discussions for posting subjects to us……..Tony

 Just to make it clear, some bugs are having dramatic effects on Pages, we have encountered a rise in spam posted to the wall and pages not showing, or people unable to post to the wall, If we close the Wall, people will post on the discussions, we have a better control on the content than what we have at the moment with all the errors ,,,,,,,This will stay in force until tomorrow,,,,Tony

The BULLDOG Estate Members: You will be pleased to know my Posting restrictions have been lifted by Facebook, Thanks for your support …………Tony

The BULLDOG Estate Feel Free to add me to your lists, show the scammers who i am :O)


Interesting Reads

Would you be prepared to break the law to take part in a cyber-protest? Even if the penalty could be a jail sentence?


is it sensible to volunteer to be part of a distributed denial-of-service attack? Learn first about the legality, and the other DDoSers who may have gone before you, and ended up in jail.


The more we learn about the release of the Lockerbie bomber, who served only eight years for the worst mass murder in our history, the more unsavoury it smells.

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