The Daily Digest Wednesday 8th December 2010

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Important Messages:
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The BULLDOG Estate From Tony Mazan :Due to the restrictions placed on me by Facebook , I will ask all members to share The BULLDOG Estate blog and any Alerts to their walls, in no way am I giving the scammers a break, they can ban me but they will not silence me, Keep The BULLDOG Estate in the public eye and scare the scammers(MR)


The BULLDOG Estate You can Now directly share a Scam Alert from our blog using the “Like” feature on the alert or post, Click “Like” – enter a comment – Share to facebook. (TM)


───► Scam Sniper ◄─── Warning: Be careful of any unsolicited emails you receive concerning WikiLeaks. The email may lead you to a site with malicious intent.
An e-mail with “IRAN Nuclear BOMB!” in the subject line has been detected by Symantec. It has a spoofed header to make it look like it came from and a message body which states “OBAMA is and IMPOSTOR!” and offering an URL.


Daily Interesting Reads

With Facebook you control your information no matter where you are or what device you are using. That’s why today we are so excited to extend’s powerful application controls to your mobile phone. Read more:

Over 200 million people use Facebook on their mobile phones to share photos, access applications and stay connected with friends. In October, we added a dashboard to give you a way to clearly see and control the ways applications use your information…

by: Facebook


The Facebook number game encourages users to post public signs of affection to their friends in status updates.

A warning has been issued about unofficial university welcome groups on Facebook targeting high school seniors.

Scams Posted: 

Scam Alert: Merry FarmVille Christmas


Scam Alert

 Click to enlarge images
Facebook users may notice some of their friends posting message such as the example below. 
Details: This is a wall spamming application and does nothing to enhance farmville.

Scam Alert: The Mistle Toe Donkey!!

Facebook users may notice some of their friends posting message such as the example below. 
Details: This is a wall spamming application and does nothing to enhance farmville.

Damage Control (For those that may have fell victim)

Facebook Clean Up
You need to be aware that if you have installed any bad apps into your facebook profile or clicked any clickjacked or likejacked links within facebook, you may be currently spamming your wall and or your friends news feeds with the apps or links viral/scam messages. If this has occurred you must remove the messages from your wall by deleting the post and or remove the rogue app by uninstalling it from your facebook profile.

How to remove an Application from your profile:
If you have made the mistake of following thru with the install of a rogue application, Please do the following:
  1. Navigate to your Privacy settings- (Click Account, then “Privacy Settings”).
  2. Then under the heading “Applications, Games, and Websites” click “Edit Settings”.
  3. To the right of the heading “Applications You Use” Click the “Edit Settings” button.
  4. Finally find the application name in your list and click the “Little X” to the right of that name. Follow the facebook prompt to remove the app.
What to do if you’ve downloaded Software to your Computer
If you have followed one of the links on facebook to an external website or downloaded a piece of software you are unsure of and believe you may have got a virus infection, I suggest you immediately uninstall any software you may have installed, then run a virus check on your system.

Damage Control written by Joshua Brunson (Co-admin BDE) Owner Of ───► Scam Sniper ◄───



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