Facebook Has screwed up again

Facebook has stopped me from posting links to my own groups for a few hours or a few days.

are they taking the Piss??? scam/cheats and fake profiles everywhere on facebook and i get restricted for administering my own pages

Here is the proof
Click the image to enlarge

Not a happy BULLDOG :O)

Update: it could be a person “Flagging our posts” and reporting them to facebook to get us removed, That could either be a member of a scamming group or someone just trying to get a sad little kick out of reporting us, either way i will not stop my campaign to get Facebook scam free, even if they are unwilling to do it.

Thanks for all your help Members, Without you my job is hard…



10 Responses to Facebook Has screwed up again

  1. Wendy Marie says:

    Omg that is awful can u write them about this I will send a letter requesting u get back on asap

  2. I am only blocked from posting links, but they have been to my own groups The BULLDOG Estate and The BULLDOG Estate Game Showcase

    its a joke

  3. Sheri says:


  4. Agreed @Sheri :O)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can we do anything to help ?

  6. Just Share the group to all your friends, keep The BULLDOG Estate in the public eye, i will for a short while do a daily digest on the blog , rather than on the Facebook page. they will not stop us

  7. Carol Bowes says:

    Can we do anything to help ?

  8. Carol Bowes says:

    ok , sounds good to me !

  9. Thanks Carol :O)

  10. They will not stop me from exposing the scammers, I will prevail and keep my members safe from the scum of the earth

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