The BULLDOG Estate First Blogs

We at The BULLDOG Estate try to keep up with the times, as Owner of  The Page i have too also,

So i am trying blogging for the first time.

please feel free to join us on Facebook here

and join a growing band of people who do not wish to be scammed

We expose scams, so become a fan and keep updated… We will help with games, Hints and tips. We will keep you informed of virus alerts. Post anything you want but remember the Facebook TOS, play fair and play safe. Join Us At The BULLDOG Estate

Members of this group join to be kept informed of the latest scams/viruses and hacks that may affect us, we also cover al-sorts of games and problems, you want neighbours in farmville or mafia wars or just to share a video or a link, a joke( No pictures of me nude), Feel free to ask or post anything you want, just remember we have rules and we also have to follow Facebook TOS. have fun and look around………
So Please Stop by and have a look
Tony Mazan

2 Responses to The BULLDOG Estate First Blogs

  1. Alexander Lawrence says:

    Hi Tony.. Great job with your new blog. As you know yesterday I have posted 2 of your works. I went to my page and I could read the post but it hasn´t been pos…ted on friends’ wall yet, so what I’ve done is worth nothing. Today’s post doesn’t appear on my friends wall either:((. What’s your advise because I don’t know what to do
    Cheers, Alex.

  2. @Alexander Lawrence

    each blog entry has a heading like this one “The BULLDOG Estate First Blogs ” if you click on the text in your browser address bar is the topic address, like this “” all you have to do is “Copy and Paste” this to you “Link” section on your facebook to share this topic and any other we post

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